Preventive Maintenance

For the same reasons you change the oil in your car, or seal your deck, maintaining your HVAC and plumbing systems makes good “cents.” The benefits are four fold:

1) Your comfort.
A properly designed and maintained system will perform as you expect. A properly maintained system should be “invisible.” In other words, you shouldn’t have to fiddle with your system in the hope it will cooperate; whether a tankless water heater, or AC system, it should simply perform. Quietly, dependably, and without fanfare.

2) Your utility bill.
If you receive an outrageous utility bill, you likely become aware that there is an issue with your furnace or heat pump, and that some repair may be needed. The reality is, however, that many times a poorly running furnace, A/C, heat pump or boiler will only incrementally raise your utility bill. In other words, you may pay an extra twenty, thirty, or forty dollars every month—-sometimes for years—–without noticing. Just because your HVAC system appears to be working, doesn’t mean it is running correctly, or that you’re not paying too much, or that a potentially expensive breakdown isn’t in your near future.

3) Your system’s longevity.
Often called “life cycle cost” by bean counter types, the life span of your unit is a direct part of your cost of ownership. By way of example, imagine spending $12,000 for an HVAC system that will last 10 years; or 120 months. Of course you have utility costs and repair costs along the way, but you can reasonably say that that system costs you $100 month: $12,000/120=$100.

If, however, through pro active maintenance you can extend that furnace or heat pump to 13 years (for example) your “cost of ownership” falls significantly. Of course, there is the cost of maintenance, but even after this cost, the overall life cycle cost is significantly reduced. We all know this intuitively; we change the oil in the car because we know it avoids expensive repair, and extends its useful life. The same is true of your HVAC and plumbing systems; take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

4) Your family’s safety.
Modern furnaces are built with many redundant safety features. Even so, they require periodic maintenance to run safely. Thankfully, there are infrequent fatalities. But it is a fact that there are some fatalities every year, and dozens and dozens of people who are admitted to area emergency rooms due to electrical fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Almost all of these cases are avoidable through preventive maintenance. HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are all potentially dangerous. Protect your family by maintaining these systems.

At United Heating & Plumbing we offer preventive maintenance programs for homes and businesses. We have a 23 point preventive maintenance plan for heating and plumbing systems of all types. it is a scheduled, structured plan that will keep you safe, comfortable, and keep your utility bills manageable.

Feel free to contact us or schedule a free estimate at any time. we look forward to serving you.